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  • Production plants

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    Chiesi Group has three production plants: 

    • Parma, Italy.                                              
    • Blois-La Chaussée-Saint-Victor, France.
    • Santana de Parnaíba, Brazil.

    The plants produce in the whole more than 73 million units per year.



    Since 2008 in the Parma plants started an initiative based on the use of management tools and systems inspired by the principles of Lean Manufacturing and aimed at increasing the production lines efficiency and flexibility.

    The applied system enabled us to achieve quantitative targets, but also to increase the participation of operators in the improvement process, bringing benefits in terms of professional development, motivation and climate. On the basis of the positive results obtained, the project has  been developed over the years through a wider application of the tested systems and the gradual introduction of other instruments of improvement.

    Lean Manufacturing initiatives are not only part of a project that aims to achieve production efficiency, but they are the expression of a continuous aim towards excellence.

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